Our bread is a good companion to any products you like, whether it's avocado, tuna, ham, or cheese
on the top, or pour some olive oil, which would also be delicious. By
the way, you can freeze buckwheat bread, and it will not lose any of its taste. Just put a slice of bread in a toaster and enjoy.

Guacamole and salsa are
given but don’t forget to add buckwheat crisps.

This is one of our ways to have crisps with soft cheese.
You can use any triple cream soft cheese combined with chopped candied pecans, adding some homey or agave will work too.
With this combination, you won't go wrong, and your guests will love it!

Whatever you are hosting, a cocktail party, or contributing to a potluck event, a tray of assorted cheese and buckwheat crisps can be a hit!

Here we would like to share the recipe for people who love garlic...
Only with three ingredients and you will impress your guests. You can put this plate in 10
Combine Soft creamy goat cheese ( we love the brand Laura Chanel or Meredith
dairy ), garlic, and chopped cilantro, and add your favorite olive oil on top, pair this with our flaxseeds crisps.