Our story

Do you know that feeling of mixed emotions when you want to eat something tasty, but not very healthy? Our story began with that feeling. Every time we ate a slice of freshly baked bread or crackers with dips, cheese, or snacks, and that conflicted feeling of guilty-pleasure would awaken. And each time, we would internally fret that we still had not found a healthy alternative to our favorite pastry.

Then there was free time, holidays for children and experiments with recipes for different breads. And how great was our surprise when such a familiar product from our childhood turned out to be wholesome and simple ingredient for bread!

We grew up in the Slavic culture. Our grandmothers used to say that buckwheat was the healthiest grain. We ate it as a side dish, as porridge for breakfast and even instead of a dessert, sprinkled with lots of sugar. This is how buckwheat bread was born. Not the first time, of course, but through trial and errors, with the help of cranky little tasters in the kitchen (we do not think it's necessary to explain how picky kids are about food these days). But little by little we refined the recipe and found the perfect one.

The resulting bread could be eaten endlessly without feeling heavy or full inside. The crisps were even easier to come by, as we made them from the same recipe. But here is what surprised us! Not only did we like the crisps, but the kids did too, which inspired us even more. Finally, we had found a healthy snack for on the go, for school, and for a picnic without fear that too much or unhealthy will be eaten.

Then we started sharing our products with friends and got incredible feedback. That motivated us to start baking bread and making crisps more professionally. We did that with great care. We selected every ingredient you see very scrupulously, and we choose only organic products, grown without chemicals.    

It is important for us because we want that not only our families eat healthy and nutritious food, but all those people who share our values and consciously choose what their day begins with.

P.S. But it all started with friendship, laughter, and a lot of fun...

Elina & Elena,